Career choice

Are you thinking about your future career? Are you thinking about what and where to study? You might find vocational guidance useful.

You should approach your career choice by determining your strengths and interests. You can complete a career choice programme online (in Finnish) to help you determine your goals and the professions that correspond with them.

You can use Studyinfo to look for studies that interest you and apply for training.

Professional help is also available for making your career choice. You can discuss your life situation, characteristics, expectations concerning working life and interests as well as earlier experiences with education and work with a psychologist specialising in career choices. You can request a meeting with a career choice psychologist by contacting TE Services.

If you are a student, the guidance counsellor at your educational institution will be able to help you.

If you don’t know where to start, come to Ohjaamo and we’ll help you!

For whom?

Anyone trying to choose their future profession


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