Social Anxiety Support Group

Are you nervous about having presentations or making phone calls? Are social situations or new places making you nervous? Come join a group for people who are socially anxious!

The Ohjaamo’s group for the socially anxious is a small group, where you can find ways to ease you social anxiety and stress. The group is cost free for all participants. The first meeting takes place in April, and during spring 2022 the group will gather eight times. The goal for the participants is not to become completely anxiety free, but to learn how to live and work with anxiety.

In the group we do small personal exercises and discuss about experiences in a safe environment. We learn new coping skills and get to know ourselves through various tasks and calming exercises.

The Social Anxiety Groups are organized in spring and autumn. They are held in finnish and swedish languages. The next group starts on October 2023.

Are you interested? Contact us!

For whom?

For anyone who is socially anxious


Ohjaamo Porvoo
WSOY-talo, Mannerheiminkatu 20 E, 06100 Porvoo

Contact information

Onni coach Mari Bergqvist 050 599 0215